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Another Sogdian–Chinese bilingual epitaph*

  • Bi Bo (a1), Nicholas Sims-Williams (a2) and Yan Yan (a3)

Two stone tablets in the Wangye Museum, Shenzhen, contain a bilingual Sogdian and Chinese epitaph for a Sogdian merchant and his wife, who lived in the northern Chinese city of Ye 鄴 in the late sixth century ce. The two texts are published here for the first time and accompanied by a detailed commentary on philological and historical points of interest.

Corresponding author
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Bi Bo and Nicholas Sims-Williams would like to thank Professor Rong Xinjiang for drawing their attention to this unpublished inscription in the Wangye Museum, Shenzhen, and putting them in touch with Mr Yan Yan, the Museum's Director. The authors are also grateful to Professor Yutaka Yoshida for his many insightful suggestions cited below. Dr Bi's research was supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, the Research Funds of Renmin University of China and the China Scholarship Council.

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