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The volume of singular Kähler–Einstein Fano varieties

  • Yuchen Liu (a1)

We show that the anti-canonical volume of an $n$ -dimensional Kähler–Einstein $\mathbb{Q}$ -Fano variety is bounded from above by certain invariants of the local singularities, namely $\operatorname{lct}^{n}\cdot \operatorname{mult}$ for ideals and the normalized volume function for real valuations. This refines a recent result by Fujita. As an application, we get sharp volume upper bounds for Kähler–Einstein Fano varieties with quotient singularities. Based on very recent results by Li and the author, we show that a Fano manifold is K-semistable if and only if a de Fernex–Ein–Mustaţă type inequality holds on its affine cone.

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