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Dance Research Journal
Continues CORD News (1969 - 1974)
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  • ISSN: 0149-7677 (Print), 1940-509X (Online)
  • Editors: Mark Franko Director of the Center for Visual and Performance Studies|Department of Theater Arts|Theater Arts Center|University of California, Santa Cruz|1156 High Street|Santa Cruz, CA 95064| , Juliet McMains , Marta Savigliano , Libby Smigel and Helen Thomas
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Dance Research Journal is the longest running, peer reviewed journal in its field, and has become one of the foremost international outlets for dance research scholarship. The journal carries scholarly articles, book reviews, and a list of books and journals received.

Music, Theatre and Art on fifteeneightyfour

  • Bach and compositional numbers
  • 02 November 2016, Amy Watson
  • It was during my undergraduate years in the 1980s that I stumbled across numbers in music. It was fashionable at the time to ridicule anything that smacked...
  • Great Figures and Leaders: Bach
  • 24 October 2016, Amy Watson
  • CUP: Why is Bach still so important and influential? RT: J. S. Bach was the right man in the right place at the right time. He took fugal techniques and improvisation...