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The oldest Trichoceridae (Diptera) from the Lower Jurassic of Kyrgyzstan: implications of the biomechanical properties of their wings

  • Ewa Krzemińska (a1) and Elena Lukashevich (a2)

Here is described the oldest known species of Trichoceridae, from Sogyuty, near lake Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan; Lower Jurassic: Sinemurian). The species is placed in the genus Mailotrichocera Kalugina, 1985 in Kalugina & Kovalev (1985), based on isolated wings. The venation of fossil and Recent Trichoceridae is discussed in terms of the biomechanical properties of the wings. The wings of the stem lineage of the family, characterised by a short subcostal vein, also had a larger distal supporting sector than younger lineages, including Recent representatives.

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