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About this journal
Experimental Results
  • ISSN: 2516-712X (Online)
  • Frequency: 1 volume per year

Editorial Board

Experimental Results is an open access journal providing a forum for experimental findings that usually remain hidden: the incremental steps that are so important to experimental research. These results often go unpublished due to the traditional scholarly communication process in which only a select group of experiments are chosen to make up the narrative of a single paper.

Articles for consideration in Experimental Results include positive results, negative/null results, reproducibility studies and supplementary findings.

Experimental Results will publish short research papers from experimental disciplines across Science, Technology and Medicine, providing authors with an outlet for rapid publication of incremental research findings with maximum visibility. Where applicable (for example, with reproducibility studies), work published in Experimental Results will clearly link back to the related paper. Articles will be accepted for publication if they are technically and methodologically sound and if the research reported answers a valid research question.

Subject areas we cover: Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Engineering; Life Science and Biomedicine; Mathematics, Statistics and Probability; Physics and Astronomy; Psychology and Psychiatry.