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Compact RF non-linear electro thermal model of SiGe HBT for the design of broadband ADC's

  • Alaa Saleh (a1), Abdel Kader El Rafei (a1), Mountakha Dieng (a1), Tibault Reveyrand (a1), Raphael Sommet (a1), Jean-Michel Nebus (a1) and Raymond Quere (a1)...


The design of high speed integrated circuits heavily relies on circuit simulation and requires compact transistor models. This paper presents a non-linear electro-thermal model of SiGe heterojunction-bipolar transistor (HBT). The non-linear model presented in this paper uses a hybrid π topology and it is extracted using IV and S-parameter measurements. The thermal sub-circuit is extracted using low-frequency S-parameter measurements. The model extraction procedure is described in detail. It is applied here to the modeling of npn SiGe HBTs. The proposed non-linear electro-thermal model is expected to be used for the design of high-speed electronic functions such as broadband analog digital converters in which both electrical and thermal aspects are engaged. The main focus and contribution of this paper stands in the fact that the proposed non-linear model covers wideband-frequency range (up to 65 GHz).


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Compact RF non-linear electro thermal model of SiGe HBT for the design of broadband ADC's

  • Alaa Saleh (a1), Abdel Kader El Rafei (a1), Mountakha Dieng (a1), Tibault Reveyrand (a1), Raphael Sommet (a1), Jean-Michel Nebus (a1) and Raymond Quere (a1)...


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