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Dissipation in rapid dynamic wetting

  • A. CARLSON (a1), M. DO-QUANG (a1) and G. AMBERG (a1)

In this article, we present a modelling approach for rapid dynamic wetting based on the phase field theory. We show that in order to model this accurately, it is important to allow for a non-equilibrium wetting boundary condition. Using a condition of this type, we obtain a direct match with experimental results reported in the literature for rapid spreading of liquid droplets on dry surfaces. By extracting the dissipation of energy and the rate of change of kinetic energy in the flow simulation, we identify a new wetting regime during the rapid phase of spreading. This is characterized by the main dissipation to be due to a re-organization of molecules at the contact line, in a diffusive or active process. This regime serves as an addition to the other wetting regimes that have previously been reported in the literature.

Corresponding author
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Present address: Osquars Backe 18, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden.

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