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Shock-wave reflections over double-concave cylindrical reflectors

  • V. Soni (a1), A. Hadjadj (a1), A. Chaudhuri (a2) and G. Ben-Dor (a3)


Numerical simulations were conducted to understand the different wave configurations associated with the shock-wave reflections over double-concave cylindrical surfaces. The reflectors were generated computationally by changing different geometrical parameters, such as the radii of curvature and the initial wedge angles. The incident-shock-wave Mach number was varied such as to cover subsonic, transonic and supersonic regimes of the flows induced by the incident shock. The study revealed a number of interesting wave features starting from the early stage of the shock interaction and transition to transitioned regular reflection (TRR) over the first concave surface, followed by complex shock reflections over the second one. Two new shock bifurcations have been found over the second wedge reflector, depending on the velocity of the additional wave that appears during the TRR over the first wedge reflector. Unlike the first reflector, the transition from a single-triple-point wave configuration (STP) to a double-triple-point wave configuration (DTP) and back occurred several times on the second reflector, indicating that the flow was capable of retaining the memory of the past events over the entire process.


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