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Ejecta evolution during cone impact

  • J. O. Marston (a1) and S. T. Thoroddsen (a1) (a2)

We present findings from an experimental investigation into the impact of solid cone-shaped bodies onto liquid pools. Using a variety of cone angles and liquid physical properties, we show that the ejecta formed during the impact exhibits self-similarity for all impact speeds for very low surface tension liquids, whilst for high-surface tension liquids similarity is only achieved at high impact speeds. We find that the ejecta tip can detach from the cone and that this phenomenon can be attributed to the air entrainment phenomenon. We analyse of a range of cone angles, including some ogive cones, and impact speeds in terms of the spatiotemporal evolution of the ejecta tip. Using superhydrophobic cones, we also examine the entry of cones which entrain an air layer.

Corresponding author
Present address: Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409-3121, USA. Email address for correspondence:
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