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Subcritical turbulent condensate in rapidly rotating Rayleigh–Bénard convection

  • Benjamin Favier (a1), Céline Guervilly (a2) and Edgar Knobloch (a3)


The possibility of subcritical behaviour in the geostrophic turbulence regime of rapidly rotating thermally driven convection is explored. In this regime a non-local inverse energy transfer may compete with the more traditional and local direct cascade. We show that, even for control parameters for which no inverse cascade has previously been observed, a subcritical transition towards a large-scale vortex state can occur when the system is initialized with a vortex dipole of finite amplitude. This new example of bistability in a turbulent flow, which may not be specific to rotating convection, opens up new avenues for studying energy transfer in strongly anisotropic three-dimensional flows such as atmospheric or oceanic circulations.


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