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Analysis of soft impingement in nonisothermal precipitation

  • Kai Fan, Feng Liu (a1), Wei Yang, Gencang Yang and Yaohe Zhou (a1)...

The effects of soft impingement on precipitation are considered. A physically realistic analytical treatment of soft impingement has been developed for solid-state precipitation in a nonisothermal heating/cooling process following the basic assumptions (i.e., a two-stage transformation including site saturation of nucleation, isotropic growth and linear approximation for a concentration gradient in front of the precipitate/matrix interface). Furthermore, both one- and three-dimensional precipitations have been described using a compact expression which is analogous to Zener’s model but with a temperature-dependent growth coefficient. A detailed description for the model parameters has been given for the model application. Good agreement with published experimental data, for example, the decomposition of austenite in a 0.038–0.30wt%Mn plain carbon steel, has been achieved.

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