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C/C–SiC sandwich structures manufactured via liquid silicon infiltration

  • Bernhard Heidenreich (a1), Dietmar Koch (a1), Harald Kraft (a1) and Yves Klett (a2)


In a new design approach, C/C–SiC sandwich structures have been realized via liquid silicon infiltration and in situ joining methods. In the first process step, the carbon fiber reinforced polymer preforms for the planar skin plates as well as for the core structures were manufactured via warm pressing and autoclave technique, using C fiber fabrics preimpregnated with phenolic resin. Thereby, two types of C/C–SiC core structures were used: foldcore and grid core. In the second process step, the sandwich components were pyrolyzed separately, leading to porous C/C preforms and subsequently joined to a C/C sandwich structure, using an adhesive. In the last process step, the C/C structure was infiltrated with molten Si, and the SiC matrix was built up by a chemical reaction of Si and C, leading to a permanently joined C/C–SiC sandwich structure. For mechanical characterization, sandwich specimens were manufactured and tested in 4 point bending.


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Contributing Editor: Nahum Travitzky



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C/C–SiC sandwich structures manufactured via liquid silicon infiltration

  • Bernhard Heidenreich (a1), Dietmar Koch (a1), Harald Kraft (a1) and Yves Klett (a2)


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