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Effect of underlying boron nitride thickness on photocurrent response in molybdenum disulfide - boron nitride heterostructures

  • Milinda Wasala (a1), Jie Zhang (a1), Sujoy Ghosh (a1), Baleeswaraiah Muchharla (a1), Rachel Malecek (a1), Dipanjan Mazumdar (a1), Hassana Samassekou (a1), Moses Gaither-Ganim (a1), Andrew Morrison (a1), Nestor-Perera Lopez (a2), Victor Carozo (a2), Zhong Lin (a2), Mauricio Terrones (a3) and Saikat Talapatra (a4)...

Here we report on the photocurrent response of two-dimensional (2D) heterostructures of sputtered MoS2 on boron nitride (BN) deposited on (001)-oriented Si substrates. The steady state photocurrent (I ph) measurements used a continuous laser of λ = 658 nm (E = 1.88 eV) over a broad range of laser intensities, P (∼1 μW < P < 10 μW), and indicate that I ph obtained from MoS2 layers with the 80 nm BN under layer was ∼4 times higher than that obtained from MoS2 layers with the 30 nm BN under layer. We also found super linear dependence of I ph on P (I phP γ, with γ > 1) in both the samples. The responsivities obtained over the range of laser intensity studied were in the order of mA/W (∼12 and ∼2.7 mA/W with 80 nm BN and 30 nm BN under layers, respectively). These investigations provide crucial insight into the optical activity of MoS2 on BN, which could be useful for developing a variety of optoelectronic applications with MoS2 or other 2D transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures.

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