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Effective Sintering Aids for Low-temperature Sintering of AlN Ceramics

  • Koji Watari (a1), Hae J. Hwang (a1), Motohiro Toriyama (a1) and Shuzo Kanzaki (a1)

A disappearing sintering aid was used to promote densification during the initial and middle stages of sintering and to be removed in gaseous form from the specimens during the final stage of sintering. From thermodynamic consideration such as assessment of Gibbs free energy change of formation of Al2O3 compounds including metal-oxide and evaluation of the vapor pressure of metal-oxide, Li2O is expected to become a disappearing sintering aid for AlN sintering. Doping with Li2O resulted in densification of AlN ceramics with Y2O3 and CaO additives by sintering at a firing temperature of 1600 °C. The amount of Li2O in the specimens decreased by volatilization at temperatures higher than 1300 °C, and its amount was at a level of several ppm after firing at 1600 °C for 6 h. Low-temperature densification of AlN specimens by addition of Li2O also caused the improvement of thermal conductivity and mechanical strength of sintered specimens. Present results indicate that a Li2O addition is effective for AlN sintering. Furthermore, LiYO2 was also used as a new sintering aid instead of Li2O and Y2O3, and the results of thermal conductivity and mechanical strength are shown.

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