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Fabrication of heteroepitaxial thin films of layered oxychalcogenides LnCuOCh (Ln = La–Nd; Ch = S–Te) by reactive solid-phase epitaxy

  • Hidenori Hiramatsu (a1), Kazushige Ueda (a1), Kouhei Takafuji (a2), Hiromichi Ohta (a3), Masahiro Hirano (a1), Toshio Kamiya (a2) and Hideo Hosono (a2)...

Processes and preparation conditions for growing epitaxial thin films of Cu-based, layered oxychalcogenides LnCuOCh (Ln = La, Ce, Pr or Nd; Ch = S1-xSex or Se1-yTey) are reported. Epitaxial thin films on MgO (001) substrates were prepared by a reactive solid-phase epitaxy method. Four-axes high-resolution x-ray diffraction measurements revealed that the crystallographic orientation is (001)[110] LnCuOCh || (001)[110] MgO and the internal stress of the crystalline lattices in the films are relaxed during thermal-annealing process of the reactive solid-phase epitaxy. Furthermore, except for CeCuOS, systematic variations in the lattice constant by chalcogen or lanthanide ion substitutions were observed. These results demonstrated that the reactive solid-phase epitaxy is an efficient technique for fabricating LnCuOCh epitaxial films.

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