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Gas-phase combustion synthesis of titanium boride (TiB2) nanocrystallites

  • R. L. Axelbaum (a1), D. P. DuFaux (a1), C. A. Frey (a1), K. F. Kelton (a2), S. A. Lawton (a3), L. J. Rosen (a1) and S. M. L. Sastry (a1)...


Two techniques are described for synthesizing nanometer-sized TiB2 particles by gas-phase combustion reactions of sodium vapor with TiCl4 and BCl3: a low-pressure, low-temperature burner and a high-temperature flow reactor. Both methods produce TiB2 particles that are less than 15 nm in diameter. The combustion by-product, NaCl, is efficiently removed from the TiB2 by water washing or vacuum sublimation. Material collected from the low-temperature burner and annealed at 1000 °C consists of loosely agglomerated particles 20 to 100 nm in size. Washed material from the high-temperature flow reactor consists of necked agglomerates of 3 to 15 nm particles. A thermodynamic analysis of the Ti/B/Cl/Na system indicates that near 100% yields of TiB2 are possible with appropriate reactant concentrations, pressures, and temperatures.



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Gas-phase combustion synthesis of titanium boride (TiB2) nanocrystallites

  • R. L. Axelbaum (a1), D. P. DuFaux (a1), C. A. Frey (a1), K. F. Kelton (a2), S. A. Lawton (a3), L. J. Rosen (a1) and S. M. L. Sastry (a1)...


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