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Improvement of the hydrogen-storage performances of Li–Mg–N–H system

  • Yongfeng Liu (a1), Jianjiang Hu (a1), Zhitao Xiong (a1), Guotao Wu (a1) and Ping Chen (a2)...


Li2MgN2H2 can reversibly store more than 5.5 wt% hydrogen. However, the high activation energy of hydrogen desorption poses a kinetic barrier for low-temperature operation. In this work, the composition of the Li–Mg–N–H system has been modified by the partial substitution of Mg or Li by Na. The changes in structure and hydrogen absorption/desorption kinetics have been investigated. It was found that the peak temperature for hydrogen desorption was decreased by ∼10 °C, and that the hydrogen absorption/desorption isotherms were also significantly changed. Furthermore, the activation energy calculated by the Kissinger’s approach was reduced after the substitution of Mg or Li by Na. In addition, the different dehydrogenation structures were detected at different molar ratios of Mg, Li, and Na.


Corresponding author

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