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Mechanical and microstructural characterization of magnesium single crystals

  • Pravahan Salunke (a1), Vibhor Chaswal (a1), Guangqi Zhang (a1), Svitlana Fialkova (a2), Sergei Yarmolenko (a2) and Vesselin Shanov (a3)...

This study describes results from mechanical tests conducted on magnesium single crystals in comparison with polycrystalline magnesium. It was found by impact testing that the magnesium single crystal is highly ductile due to energy absorption by twinning and slip, while the polycrystalline samples fracture easily upon impact. Compressive testing along two orthogonal directions at low plastic strains was also performed. The microstructure studies by electron backscatter diffraction and XRD pole figure analysis revealed profuse ( $10\overline12$ ) twinning when compression is done along the growth plane (72 16 $\overline {88}$ 62). The twinning and interaction between different twin modes resulted in incipient recrystallization at strains as low as 8% at room temperature. Compression along the nearly orthogonal plane (2 2 $\bar{4}$ 15) was marked by a much lower degree of both twinning and recrystallization. The variation in microstructural response with the orientation of loading allows for a wide range for tailoring mechanical properties of pure magnesium single crystals without any need of alloying.

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Contributing Editor: Jürgen Eckert

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