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Synthesis of open-cell metal foams by templated directed vapor deposition

  • Douglas T. Queheillalt (a1), Derek D. Hass (a1), David J. Sypeck (a1) and Haydn N. G. Wadley (a1)

Low-density, open-cell nickel base superalloy foams have been synthesized by a high-rate, electron beam-directed vapor deposition process and their mechanical properties evaluated. The deposition process uses an open-cell polymer foam template upon which is deposited a metal alloy coating. The electron beam evaporated flux was entrained in a rarefied transonic gas jet and propagated along the flow stream lines through the polymer structure. After vapor deposition, the polymer template was removed by low-temperature thermal decomposition. The resultant ultralightweight metal foams consisted of a three-dimensional open cell, reticulated structure possessing hollow triangular ligaments with relative densities of <3%. Their mechanical integrity was increased by either pressureless or transient liquid phase sintering. The mechanical properties of these ultralightweight metal foams were comparable to theoretical predictions for open-cell, reticulated foams.

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