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Early Devonian (Emsian) acanthodian faunas of the western USA

  • Carole J. Burrow (a1)

Isolated spines and scales from acanthodian fishes are common elements in vertebrate assemblages from the Early Devonian (Emsian) of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. The material described here is from the Sevy Dolomite and lower Grassy Flat Member, Water Canyon Formation, and includes one partially articulated specimen plus isolated fin spines and dermal plates of a new ?climatiid Sevyacanthus elliotti n. gen. and sp.; spines and shoulder girdle elements of a ?climatiid Nodocosta denisoni n. sp.; dentigerous jawbones from at least two ischnacanthiform taxa Ischnacanthus sp. and Cacheacanthus utahensis n. gen. and sp.; fin spines from a ?diplacanthiform Bryantonchus peracutus n. gen.; and scales of Ptychodictyon americanum n. sp. Most of the species appear endemic, although some show a close relationship with older Euramerican taxa (Ischnacanthus, Climatiidae sensu stricto) and younger Baltic taxa (Ptychodictyon rimosum, Nodocosta pauli).

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