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Length–weight relationship, age, growth and mortality of Atlantic chub mackerel Scomber colias in the Adriatic Sea

  • Vanja Čikeš Keč (a1) and Barbara Zorica (a1)


Chub mackerel, Scomber colias, is widely distributed in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean including the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. This medium-sized pelagic fish species occurs in deeper waters during the colder part of the year and schools are found in coastal waters during the warmer parts of the year, where they spawn and feed. Atlantic chub mackerel is one of the most important commercial fish throughout its habitat and as a consequence of its wide distribution and broad commercial exploitation, biological information on the growth and mortality is required for stock assessment and management. Despite the abundance and economic importance of S. colias in the Adriatic Sea, knowledge about its biology and population dynamics is still limited. Studies of the age, growth, mortality and exploitation rates of S. colias have not been undertaken previously in the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, the exploitation status of this species' stock in the Adriatic Sea is unknown. The purpose of this study was to provide information on the age, growth and length–weight relationship as well as estimates of mortality and exploitation rate in order to define the present state of the population in the Adriatic Sea.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: B. Zorica, Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Šet. I. Meštovića 63, PO Box 500, 21000 Split, Croatia email:


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Length–weight relationship, age, growth and mortality of Atlantic chub mackerel Scomber colias in the Adriatic Sea

  • Vanja Čikeš Keč (a1) and Barbara Zorica (a1)


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