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Reproductive parameters of Atlantic chub mackerel Scomber colias in M'diq Bay, Morocco

  • Mohamed Techetach (a1), Rabia Ajana (a1) and Younes Saoud (a1)

Reproductive biology of Atlantic chub mackerel (Scomber colias) was studied based on samples from commercial catches in M'diq Bay, Morocco. Females predominated in the total catch (54%), their size at first maturity being 19.19 ± 0.43 cm TL. A minimum landing size (MLS) of 21 cm is suggested. The oocyte size frequency distribution and histological analysis confirmed that S. colias is a species with an indeterminate fecundity. The batch fecundity was estimated as 18,452–131,642, with a mean of 60,022 oocytes. The relative batch fecundity was 157–360, with a mean of 279 eggs g−1.

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Author for correspondence: Mohamed Techetach, E-mail:
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