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Personality Traits and Consumption of Wine and Beer

  • Geir W. Gustavsen (a1) and Kyrre Rickertsen (a2)


Little attention has been paid to the effects of personality traits on the consumption of wine and beer. We used a survey to investigate the associations between personality traits and the differences in expected consumption frequencies of wine and beer for 3,482 Norwegian respondents. High scores on extraversion and openness to experiences increased the expected frequency of wine consumption, high score on agreeableness reduced the frequency of wine consumption, while scores on conscientiousness and neuroticism had no effects. For beer, there were no significant effects between personality traits and the frequency of consumption. (JEL Classification: D12, Q13).


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Presented at the 13th Annual AAWE Conference, July 14–18, 2019 in Vienna, Austria. We thank conference participants, an anonymous referee, and the editor for useful comments.



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Personality Traits and Consumption of Wine and Beer

  • Geir W. Gustavsen (a1) and Kyrre Rickertsen (a2)


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