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  • ISSN: 1479-2443 (Print), 1479-2451 (Online)
  • Editors: Professor Angus Burgin Johns Hopkins University, USA, Professor Duncan Kelly University of Cambridge, UK, Professor Tracie M. Matysik University of Texas at Austin, USA, and Professor Darrin M. McMahon Dartmouth College, USA
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Modern Intellectual History publishes scholarship in intellectual and cultural history from 1650 onwards. MIH concerns itself primarily with apprehending the contextual origins and receptions of texts in order to recover their historical meanings. But we understand ‘texts’ in the broadest sense, so as to encompass multiple forms of intellectual and cultural expression. These include, but are not limited to, political thought, philosophy, religion, literature, both the social sciences and the natural sciences, music, architecture, and the visual arts.

History blog

  • The Political Theory of American Populism
  • 04 December 2020, Anton Jäger
  • The study of the late nineteenth-century American Populist movement has long been one of the liveliest fields in American historiography. This stature definitely...
  • Why remember the fifth of November?
  • 04 November 2020, Philip Williamson and Natalie Mears
  • It shows that the king did not share the interpretation of the Gunpowder plot and the purposes of thanksgiving which were propounded by parliament and by generations...