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News and Announcements

  • Pedro Feitoza wins the Antonio Candido Prize for the article “The Middle Line of Truth: Religious and Secular Ideologies in the Making of Brazilian Evangelical Thought, 1870-1930” Find out more

  • Esmat Elhalaby named winner of the inaugural Amílcar Cabral Prize for his article “Empire and Arab Indology.” Find out more

  • New Co-Editor for MIH, Dr Brandon Byrd (Vanderbilt).

             We are delighted to announce that as of 1 January 2023, Dr Brandon Byrd (Vanderbilt) will join MIH as co-editor. - The MIH Editorial Team

  • Angus Burgin and Darrin McMahon will soon complete their terms as co-editors of Modern Intellectual History. The editorial team would like to thank them for their dedicated and exemplary service to the journal over the last five years.
  • ISSN: 1479-2443 (Print), 1479-2451 (Online)
  • Editors: Manu Goswami New York University, USA, Duncan Kelly University of Cambridge, UK, and Tracie M. Matysik University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Editorial board
Modern Intellectual History publishes scholarship in intellectual and cultural history from 1650 onwards. MIH concerns itself primarily with apprehending the contextual origins and receptions of texts in order to recover their historical meanings. But we understand ‘texts’ in the broadest sense, so as to encompass multiple forms of intellectual and cultural expression. These include, but are not limited to, political thought, philosophy, religion, literature, both the social sciences and the natural sciences, music, architecture, and the visual arts.

'Modern Intellectual History' Blogs

  • Mr Hobbes goes to Paris
  • 15 April 2022, Amy Chandran
  • My aim in this piece, however, is to suggest that there is much to be gained from turning to Hobbes’s immediate Parisian surroundings—for, France had its own...

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