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Spray pyrolysis and electrochemical performance of Na0.44MnO2 for sodium-ion battery cathodes

  • Kuan-Yu Shen (a1), Miklos Lengyel (a1), Louis Wang (a1) and Richard L. Axelbaum (a1)


In this study, we investigate spray pyrolysis as an approach to synthesis of tunnel structure sodium manganese oxide, as it is a cost-effective and scalable technology. The powders synthesized with Na/Mn ratio of 0.50 displayed a pure tunnel structure, and demonstrated the best electrochemical performance, with a discharge capacity of 115 mAh/g. The material also showed good cycleability and rate capability. Noticeable decay in performance was seen in materials with Na/Mn ratios other than 0.50, indicating that this material is sensitive to minor compositional deviations. This study has demonstrated that spray pyrolysis is a promising synthesis method for this material.


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Spray pyrolysis and electrochemical performance of Na0.44MnO2 for sodium-ion battery cathodes

  • Kuan-Yu Shen (a1), Miklos Lengyel (a1), Louis Wang (a1) and Richard L. Axelbaum (a1)


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