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Utilizing alternate target deposition to increase the magnetoelectric effect at room temperature in a single phase M-type hexaferrite

  • Hessam Izadkhah (a1) (a2), Saba Zare (a1) (a2), Sivasubramanian Somu (a3), Fabrizio Lombardi (a2) and Carmine Vittoria (a1) (a2)...


The Magnetoelectric (ME) effect has been observed in single phase hexaferrite bulk and thin films of SrCo2Ti2Fe8O19. In this paper we demonstrate that the ME linear coupling depends strongly on the Co ion concentration relative to the Ti ion concentration exhibiting extremum points at a concentration consistent with above formula. The Alternating Target Laser Ablation Deposition technique was utilized to deposit ME hexaferrite films for the first time. This allows for the deposition of transition metal ions at specific sites in the basic unit cell of the hexaferrite.


Corresponding author

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Utilizing alternate target deposition to increase the magnetoelectric effect at room temperature in a single phase M-type hexaferrite

  • Hessam Izadkhah (a1) (a2), Saba Zare (a1) (a2), Sivasubramanian Somu (a3), Fabrizio Lombardi (a2) and Carmine Vittoria (a1) (a2)...


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