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PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in January 2021, Volume 8, MRS Energy & Sustainability will be published in alliance with Springer Nature. Any submitted manuscripts currently under review in MRE's ScholarOne system will be brought to final decision in ScholarOne. Authors will continue to be able to access their current submissions in ScholarOne, please log-in here.

New submissions to the journal must be submitted to the new Editorial Manager site. Please refer to MRS Energy & Sustainability’s homepage with Springer Nature for 2021 journal information and instructions for authors.

LIBRARY CUSTOMERS: Cambridge will continue to host MRS back content on Cambridge Core in a closed archive to ensure continued access for subscribers to previous volumes and archive customers. There will be no change to these customers’ Cambridge Core access. Any 2021 subscription queries must be directed to Springer Nature.

  • No longer published by Cambridge University Press
  • ISSN: 2329-2229 (Print), 2329-2237 (Online)
  • Editor: Y. Shirley Meng University of California, San Diego, USA
  • Editorial board
MRS Energy & Sustainability publishes reviews, original research, commentaries, and perspectives on key topics in materials research and development as they relate to energy and sustainability.Topics of energy and sustainability to be reviewed are new R&D of both established and new areas; interdisciplinary systems integration; and objective application of economic, sociological and governmental models, enabling research and technological developments.Articles are set in an integrated context of scientific, technological and sociological complexities relating to energy, the environment and sustainability.The intended readership is a broad spectrum of scientists, academics, policy makers and industry professionals, all interested in the interdisciplinary nature of the science, technology and policy aspects of energy and sustainability.