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Peas and pancakes: On apparent disagreement and (null) light verbs in Swedish

  • Gunlög Josefsson (a1)


Two variants of what looks like disagreement between a subject and a predicative adjective are explored:

  1. (i)
  2. (ii)
Having shown how Construction NOM and Construction PROP differ, I demonstrate that the subject of Construction PROP is clausal. I argue that the topmost XP of the subject phrase of both constructions contains a null neuter element. This accounts for the neuter predicative agreement; hence the idea of default agreement or semantic agreement can be dismissed. I also argue that the subject in (ii) contains a vP, the head of which is a null light verb. Other instances of null light verbs in Swedish are identified too. Finally, I propose an analysis that accounts for the close relation between Construction PROP and the corresponding construction with a med-phrase ‘with-phrase’.



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