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Nicomedia and the Marble Trade

  • J. B. Ward-Perkins


The paper that follows calls for a brief preliminary word of explanation. In a characteristically stimulating note published over 20 years ago M. Louis Robert called attention to a number of inscriptions which attest the existence of an organisation of marble workers based on Nicomedia, an organisation of which he promised a fuller study in the near future. For a number of years I have myself been independently concerned with the archaeological and art-historical aspects of the same phenomenon, and although I had hoped to be able to publish the results of that work with the full benefit of M. Robert's unique knowledge of the epigraphic evidence, I am reluctant to delay publication further simply for that reason. In acknowledging my debt, I feel confident that M. Robert will correct, with his customary thoroughness, any errors of interpretation which I may commit.



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Nicomedia and the Marble Trade

  • J. B. Ward-Perkins


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