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Combined Marine Proxy and Pollen Analyses Reveal Rapid Iberian Vegetation Response to North Atlantic Millennial-Scale Climate Oscillations

  • Katherine H. Roucoux (a1), Nicholas J. Shackleton (a1), Lucia de Abreu (a1), Joachim Schönfeld (a2) and Polychronis C. Tzedakis (a3)...

A deep-sea sediment core from the western Portuguese margin has provided a continuous, high-resolution record of millennial-scale climatic oscillations during the interval 9000–65,000 yr B.P. Pollen analysis of the same sequence allows direct, in situ assessment of the phase relationship between the North Atlantic climate system and vegetation changes on the adjacent landmass. This demonstrates for the first time that variability in NW Iberian tree population size closely tracked millennial-scale climate variability.

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