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Sedimentary Evolution of a Late Pleistocene Wetland Indicating Extreme Coastal Uplift in Southern Tanzania

  • Markus Reuter (a1), W.E. Piller (a1), M. Harzhauser (a2), B. Berning (a3) and A. Kroh (a3)...

Facies analyses of Pleistocene deposits from southern coastal Tanzania (Lindi District) document that sediments formed in a wetland evolving on a coastal terrace in the Lindi Fracture Zone foreland. The exposed succession shows a marked sedimentary change from tidal to terrestrial facies. 14C analyses on gastropod shells indicate the emergence of the Lindi coast at ∼ 44 14C ka BP. Emergence and subsequent elevation of terraces to 21 m above present-day sea level was linked to the falling eustatic sea level prior to the last glacial maximum, and to a periodic elevation due to extensional tectonic episodes in the eastern branch of the East African Rift System (EARS). Since ∼ 44 14C ka BP tectonic uplift at the coast was 80-110 m, comparable to that in the extreme uplift areas of the EARS.

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