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The Taylor Dome Antarctic 18O Record and Globally Synchronous Changes in Climate 1

  • Pieter M. Grootes (a1), Eric J. Steig (a1), Minze Stuiver (a1), Edwin D. Waddington (a1), David L. Morse (a1) and Marie-Josée Nadeau (a2)...


The 18O/16O profile of a 554-m long ice core through Taylor Dome, Antarctica, shows the climate variability of the last glacial–interglacial cycle in detail and extends at least another full cycle. Taylor Dome shares the main features of the Vostok record, including the early climatic optimum with later cool phase of the last interglacial period in Antarctica. Taylor Dome δ18O fluctuations are more abrupt and larger than those at Vostok and Byrd Station, although still less pronounced than those of the Greenland GISP2 and GRIP records. The influence of the Atlantic thermohaline circulation on regional ocean heat transport explains the partly “North Atlantic” character of this Antarctic record. Under full glacial climate (marine isotope stage 4, late stage 3, and stage 2), this marine influence diminished and Taylor Dome became more like Vostok. Varying degrees of marine influence produce climate heterogeneity within Antarctica, which may account for conflicting evidence regarding the relative phasing of Northern and Southern Hemisphere climate change.



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Oxygen isotope data with depth and time scale are available at the stable isotope laboratory home page at the University of Washington (depts. and the Leibniz-Labor, Christian-Albrecht University, Kiel ( paleo). These and additional Taylor Dome data sets are also available from the World Data Center for Paleoclimatology at the National Geophysical Data Center ( paleo).



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The Taylor Dome Antarctic 18O Record and Globally Synchronous Changes in Climate 1

  • Pieter M. Grootes (a1), Eric J. Steig (a1), Minze Stuiver (a1), Edwin D. Waddington (a1), David L. Morse (a1) and Marie-Josée Nadeau (a2)...


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