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Farming adaptations in the face of climate change

  • Rebecca L. Som Castellano (a1) and Jillian Moroney (a2)

Agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors to climate change, and in many agricultural communities climate change adaptations by farmers are underway. Farmers’ beliefs about climate change and their experiences with climate change, along with a range of other factors, could influence climate change adaptation. Utilizing a framework which draws from research examining how farmers’ climate change beliefs and experiences affect their adaptation strategies, and research on farm succession and adaptation at the rural–urban interface (RUI), we ask ‘How do climate change beliefs and different farm attributes (particularly the presence of an heir and location at the RUI) affect adaptation strategies?’ Preliminary findings indicate that adaptation varies based on multiple factors, including belief in climate change, the presence of an heir, geographical location and a variety of other farm characteristics and farmer attributes.

Corresponding author
Author for correspondence: Rebecca L. Som Castellano, E-mail:
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