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This series aims to play a pioneering role in shaping the merging field of business and public policy. Business and Public Policy focuses on two central questions. First, how does public policy influence business strategy, operations, organization, and governance, and with what consequences for both business and society? Second, how do businesses themselves influence policy institutions, policy processes, and other policy actors, and with what outcomes?

  • General Editors: Aseem Prakash, University of Washington
  • Editorial Boards: Liliana Andonova, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Sarah Brooks, Ohio State University, David Coen, University College London, Christopher Knill, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, David Konisky, Indiana University, Bloomington, David Levi-Faur, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Nathan Jensen, University of Texas, Austin, Layna Mosley, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Abraham Newman, Georgetown University, Washington DC, Leonard Seabrook, Copenhagen Business School, Edward Walker, University of California, Los Angeles, Michael Vandenberg, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, Henry Yeung, National University of Singapore