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The Nutrition Society was established in 1941 ‘to advance the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health'.

Highly regarded by the scientific community, the Society is the largest learned society for nutrition in Europe. Membership is worldwide but most members live in Europe.
Membership is open to those with a genuine interest in the science of human or animal nutrition.

From the blog

  • Is a Gluten Free Diet Effective in Counteracting the Neurological and/or Psychiatric Symptoms of Coeliac Disease?
  • 01 May 2017, Mirko Pesce
  • The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for May is from Nutrition Research Reviews and is entitled ‘The progression of coeliac disease: its neurological Coeliac Disease (CD) was recently presented by The European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, describing it as “… an immune-mediated systemic disorder elicited by gluten and related prolamines in genetically susceptible individuals and characterized by a variable of gluten-dependent manifestations, CD-specific antibodies, HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8 haplotypes, and enteropathy” [1].…...

Nutrition Society Paper of the Month

Each month a paper is selected by one of the Editors of the five Nutrition Society Publications (British Journal of Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, Nutrition Research Reviews, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society and Journal of Nutritional Science).

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