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The Nutrition Society was established in 1941 ‘to advance the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health'.

Highly regarded by the scientific community, the Society is the largest learned society for nutrition in Europe. Membership is worldwide but most members live in Europe.
Membership is open to those with a genuine interest in the science of human or animal nutrition.

From the blog

  • How food companies shape the nutrition research agenda
  • 11 September 2018, Alice Fabbri, Taylor J Holland and Lisa A Bero
  • Corporate sponsorship of research can introduce bias in how it is designed, conducted or published. These biases tend to produce research that favours the sponsor’s...
  • How reliable are nutrition related mobile apps?
  • 03 September 2018, Maria Helena Baena de Moraes Lopes and Vitória Negri
  • There are several nutrition-related applications, which have as the main objective: "providing feedback, goal-setting for healthy eating, healthy cooking, self-monitoring...