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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: June 2012

6 - Who and how: engaging well-connected fishers in social networks to improve fisheries management and conservation

from Part II - Case studies



The Loreto Bay National Marine Park was conceived as a people-oriented park where protection and sustainable use of marine resources were to be achieved. There have been advances towards these goals since the park was created, but the involvement of resource users in natural resource management and conservation still remains a challenge as in many other people-oriented parks worldwide (Brechin et al., 2002; Wilshusen et al., 2002; Adams et al., 2004). Many factors determine in what aspects, when, and how resource users could be involved in resource management and conservation. However, in all cases natural resource managers face the issue of identifying and involving resource users who could spread ideas and practices to improve natural resource management and conservation. This issue becomes increasingly relevant in large-scale initiatives (e.g. ecosystem-based management initiatives) where it is more effective and efficient to find representatives who can participate in planning processes and then communicate with, and engage, their peers (Layzer, 2008; Kubo and Supriyanto, 2010). Thus, the issue of identifying and involving resource users is also affected by the scale at which a management and conservation initiative is intended.

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