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  • ISSN: 0267-1905 (Print), 1471-6356 (Online)
The Annual Review of Applied Linguistics publishes research on key topics in the broad field of applied linguistics. Each issue is thematic, providing a variety of perspectives on the topic through research summaries, critical overviews, position papers and empirical studies. Being responsive to the field, some issues are tied to the theme of that year's annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics. Also, at regular intervals an issue will take the approach of covering applied linguistics as a field more broadly, including coverage of critical or controversial topics. ARAL provides cutting-edge and timely articles on a wide number of areas, including language learning and pedagogy, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, language policy and planning, language assessment, and research design and methodology, to name just a few.

Featured content

The role of race in Applied Linguistics

AAAL is pleased to present the recording of a webinar in collaboration with the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics in which we highlight 3 articles from the latest volume that consider race, racial justice and Indigenous language revitalization in Applied Linguistics.

Links to the 3 articles from the 2020 volume of ARAL can be found below:

African Americans in World Language Study: The Forged Path and Future Directions
Uju Anya

Indigenous Language Revitalization and Applied Linguistics: Parallel Histories, Shared Futures?
Onowa McIvor

Is an Antiracist and Decolonizing Applied Linguistics Possible?
Suhanthie Motha

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