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Environment and Development Economics
  • ISSN: 1355-770X (Print), 1469-4395 (Online)
  • Editor: Eswaran Somanathan Indian Statistical Institute|7 Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg|New Delhi 110016|India
  • Editorial board
Published in association with the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Royal Swedish Academy of SciencesEnvironment and Development Economics is positioned at the intersection of environmental, resource and development economics. The Editor and Associate Editors, supported by a distinguished panel of advisors from around the world, aim to encourage submissions from researchers in the field in both developed and developing countries. The Journal is divided into two main sections, Theory and Applications, which includes regular academic papers and Policy Options, which includes papers that may be of interest to the wider policy community. Environment and Development Economics also publishes occasional Policy Fora (discussions based on a focal paper). Recent special issues have included ‘China’s Environmental Policy’, edited by Jintao Xu and Peter Berck, and ‘Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Developing and Transition Countries’, edited by Johanna Choumert, Pascale Combes Motel and Katrin Millock.


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