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Thematic Issues

Educational Innovations for Teaching Clinical and Translational Science 
Editors: Janice Gabrilove, Emma Meagher, Cecilia M. Patino, Vicki L. Ellingrod 
Editorial: Educating the educator in clinical and translational research
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Editors: Robert Kimberly and Lars Berglund
Editorial: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Clinical and Translational Science
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Team Science Interventions in Clinical and Translational Research 
Guest Editors: Betsy Rolland, Jennifer E. Cross, Sarah D. Hohl, LaKaija Johnson, Kevin Wooten, and Allan R. Brasier 
Editorial: Introduction to the themed issue on the design, development, evaluation, and dissemination of team science interventions in clinical and translational research  
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Re-engineering the Clinical Research Enterprise in Response to COVID-19: The CTSA Experience
Guest Editors: Barry Coller, John Buse, Robert Kimberly, William Powderly, and Martin Zand
Editorial: Foreword to the JCTS COVID-19 special issue
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Data Science in Clinical and Translational Research  
Guest Editors: Felicity Enders; Robert A. Oster; Gina-Marie Pomann; and Christopher J. Lindsell
Editorial: Data science in clinical and translational research: Improving the health of the data to knowledge pipeline
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Clinical and Translational Science to Improve Rural Health
Guest Editors: Christopher P. Austin and Michael G. Kurilla
Editorial: The CTSA program’s role in improving rural public health: Community-engaged disease prevention and health care innovation
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Dissemination and Implementation Sciences in Translational Science
Guest Editors: Kathleen R. Stevens and Jonathan N. Tobin
Editorial: Introduction to the JCTS special issue on Dissemination and Implementation Sciences
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