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Data science in clinical and translational research: Improving the health of the data to knowledge pipeline

Christopher J. Lindsell, Gina-Maria Pomann,Robert A. Oster, Sean D. Mooney, Felicity D. Enders

Published online: 09 March 2021


A framework for clinical and translational research in the era of rigor and reproducibility

Chris Wichman, Lynette M. Smith, Fang Yu

Published online: 19 August 2020

Developing an Applied Biostatistical Sciences (ABS) Network

Shokoufeh Khalatbari, Dianne Jazdyzk, Janine Capsouras, Brad Downey, Eli Samuels, Cathie Spino

Published online: 06 July 2020

Mining News Media for Understanding Public Health Concerns

Maryam Zoolnari, Ming Huang, Christi A. Patten, Joyce E. Balls-Berry, Somaieh Goudarzvand, Tabetha A. Brockman, Elham Sagheb, Lixia Ya

Published online: 23 October 2019

Eight practices for data management to enable team data science

Andrew McDavid, Anthony M. Corbett, Jennifer L. Dutra, Andrew G. Straw, David J. Topham, Gloria S. Pryhuber, Mary T. Caserta, Steven R. Gill,Kristin M. Scheible, Jeanne Holden-Wiltse

Published online: 23 June 2020

Learning Gaps among Statistical Competencies for Clinical and Translational Science Learners

Robert A. Oster, Katrina L. Devick, Sally W. Thurston, Joseph J. Larson, Leah J. Welty, Paul J. Nietart, Brad H. Pollock, Gina-Maria Pomann, Heidi Spratt, Christopher J. Lindsell, Felicity T. Enders

Published online: 19 June 2020

Incorporating professional recommendations into a graduate-level statistical consulting laboratory: a case study

Adam P. Sima, Viviana A. Rodriguez, Keighly E. Bradbrook, Brian S. DiPace, Victoria Okhomina

Published online: 25 August 2020

Lessons and Tips for Designing a Machine Learning Study Using EHR Data

Jaron Arbet, Cole Brokamp, Jareen Meinzen-Derr,Katy E. Trinkley, Heidi M. Spratt

Published online: 24 July 2020

Developing Image Analysis Pipelines of Whole Slide Images: Pre- and Post-Processing

Byron Smith, Meyke Hermsen, Elizabeth Lesser, Deepak Ravichandar, Walter Kremers

Published 27 August 2020

The Digital Biomarker Discovery Pipeline: An open source software platform for the development of digital biomarkers using mHealth and wearables data

Brinnae Bent, Ke Wang, Emilia Grzesiak, Chentian Jiang, Yuankai Qi, Yihang Jiang, Peter Cho,Kyle Zingler, Felix Ikponmwosa Ogbeide, Arthur Zhao, Ryan Runge, Ida Sim, Jessilyn Dunn

Published 14 July 2020

Development of an electronic health records datamart to support clinical and population health research

Jillian H. Hurst, Yaxing Liu, Pamela J. Maxson, Sallie R. Permar, L. Ebony Boulware, Benjamin A. Goldstein

Published 23 June 2020

Scientometric Analysis of the Puerto Rico Clinical and Translational Research Consortium (PRCTRC) Research Publications, 2010-2018

Mariela Torres-Cintron, Carlamarie Noboa-Ramos, Zulmarie De Pedro-Serbia, Mariela Lugo-Pico, Lorena Gonzalez-Selpuveda, Naydi Perez-Rios, Margarita Irizarry-Ramirez

Published 08 May 2020

Interrogating an ICD Coded Electronic Health Records Database to Characterize the Epidemiology of Prosopagnosia

Christina Pressl, Caroline S. Jiang, Joel Correa da Rosa, Maximilian Friedrich, Roger Vaughan, Winrich A. Freiwald, Jonathan N. Tobin

Published 19 June 2020

Optimizing Sampling Rate of Wrist-worn Optical Sensors for Physiologic Monitoring

Brinnae Bent, Jessilyn P. Dunn

Published 25 August 2020

Variable selection methods for identifying predictor interactions in data with repeatedly measured binary outcomes

Bethany J. Wolf,Yunyun Jiang, Silvia H. Wilson, Jim C. Oates

Published 16 November 2020

Functional Data Analysis and Prediction Tools for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Studies

Emrah Gecili, Rui Huang, Jane C. Khoury, Eileen King, Mekibib Altaye, Katherine Bowers, Rhonda D. Szczesniak

Published 22 September 2020

Comparison Of Regression Imputation Methods Of Baseline Covariates that Predict Survival Outcomes

Nicole Solomon, Yuliya Lokhnygina, Susan Halabi

Published 04 September 2020

Association between surgery with anesthesia and cognitive decline in older adults: analysis using shared parameter models for informative dropoutAssociation between surgery with anesthesia and cognitive decline in older adults: analysis using shared parameter models for informative dropout

Phillip Schulte, Katrina Devick, Juraj Spring

Published 29 July 2020

Special Communications

Charting the Life Course: Emerging Opportunities to Advance Scientific Approaches Using Life Course Research

Heidi A. Hanson, Claire L. Leiser, Gretchen Bandoli, Brad H. Pollock, Margaret R. Karagas, Daniel Armstrong, Ann Dozier,Nicole G. Weiskopf, Maureen Monaghan,Ann M. Davis, Elizabeth Eckstrom, Chunhua Weng, Jonathan N. Tobin, Frederick Kaskel, Mark R. Schleiss, Peter Szilagyi, Carrie Dykes, Dan Cooper, Shari L. Barkin

Published 15 June 2020

Methods for Training Collaborative Biostatisticians

Gina-Maria Pomann, L. Ebony Boulware, Shari Messinger Cayetano, Manisha Desai, Felicity T. Enders, John A. Gallis, Jonathan Gelfond, Steven C. Grambow, Alexandra L. Hanlon, Angelean Hendrix, Pandurang Kulkarni, Jodi Lapidus, Hui-Jie Lee, Jonathan D. Mahnken, Julie P. McKeel, Rebecca Moen, Robert A. Oster, Sarah Peskoe, Greg Samsa, Thomas G. Stewart, Tracy Truong,Lisa Wruck, Samantha M. Thomas

Published 04 August 2020

A cloud-based bioinformatic analytic infrastructure and Data Management Core for the Expanded Program on Immunization Consortium

Sofia M. Vignolo, Joann Diray-Arce,Kerry McEnaney, Shun Rao, Casey P. Shannon, Olubukola T. Idoko, Fatoumata Cole, Alansana Darboe, Fatoumatta Cessay, Rym Ben-Othman, Scott J. Tebbutt, Beate Kampmann, Ofer Levy, Al Ozonoff 

Published 22 September 2020

Integrating Data Science into the Translational Science Research Spectrum: A Substance Use Disorder Case Study

Emily Slade, Linda P. Dwoskin, Guo-Qiang Zhang, Jeffery C. Talbert, Jin Chen, Patricia R. Freeman, Kathleen M. Kantak, Emily R. Hankosky, Sajjad Fouladvand, Amy L. Meadows, Heather M. Bush

Published 19 August 2020