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Hear more from Memory, Mind & Media’s first agenda-setting authors:

MMM Interview with Daniel Schacter

MMM Editor Andrew Hoskins interviews inaugural author Daniel Schacter about his paper 'Media, Technology, and the Sins of Memory' part of the inaugural collection.

Annelies Vredeveldt and Colin Getty Tredoux

MMM authors Annelies Vredeveldt and Colin Getty Tredoux introduce their new article Composite communication: how dissemination of facial composites in the media affects police investigations' part of the inaugural collection.

Lisa Bortolotti and Kathleen Murphy Hollies

MMM authors Lisa Bortolotti and Kathleen Murphy Hollies introduce their new article ‘Stories as Evidence’. part of the inaugural collection.

In conversation Artist in Residence and Associate Editor Emma Robertson

MMM Editor Amanda J. Barnier talks to Emma about her exciting role as Artist in Residence and Associate Editor and the content she is looking forward to being submitted to the journal. Emma discusses how her work reflects her engagement with varying concepts of memory from different disciplines and shares several visual examples of her work including the artwork featured on the MMM cover.

Discover more about Emma's work Read the MMM instructions for authors for information regarding the submissions Emma references in the interview