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> Australian Intellectual Property Law

Australian Intellectual Property Law

3rd edition (current edition)

Mark Davison, Monash University, Victoria, Ann Monotti, Monash University, Victoria, Leanne Wiseman, Griffith University, Queensland
Intellectual property law in Australia is a constantly changing field. Developments in technology, such as in the life sciences and in the digitisation of the creation, analysis, distribution and use of information, along with economic globalisation, are having an increasingly significant impact on this field of law. The third edition of Australian Intellectual Property Law has been updated to include the most important recent developments in intellectual property law, including:the 'Raising the Bar' amendments to the Patents Act and case…
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pp v-vi
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By Mark Davison, Monash University, Ann Monotti, Monash University, Leanne Wiseman, Griffith University
pp xxviii-xxviii
Table of cases
pp xxix-lviii
Table of statutes
pp lix-lxxviii
Table of statutory instruments
pp lxxix-lxxxii
1 - Introduction
pp 1-21
2 - Passing off
pp 22-64
3 - Registered trade marks
pp 65-142
4 - Exploitation of registered trade marks
pp 143-190
5 - Copyright: introduction
pp 191-211
6 - Copyright: subsistence
pp 212-238
7 - Copyright: authorship, first ownership, and nature and duration of rights
pp 239-264
8 - Copyright: exploitation, infringement and defences
pp 265-332
9 - Areas related to copyright: moral rights, performers’ rights, artist’s resale rights, and other related rights
pp 333-359
10 - Designs
pp 360-383
11 - Equitable doctrine of breach of confidence
pp 384-424
12 - Patents for inventions: introduction
pp 425-452
13 - Patents for inventions: validity
pp 453-556
14 - Patents for inventions: allocation of rights and ownership, the Register and dealings
pp 557-599
15 - Patents for inventions: exploitation, infringement and revocation
pp 600-657
16 - Plant breeder’s rights
pp 658-696
17 - Remedies and miscellaneous issues
pp 697-711
pp 712-724
Australian Intellectual Property Law
3rd edition (current edition)
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Online ISBN: 9781316144978
Published online: 21 June 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9781107472297
Paperback publication date: 04 December 2015