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> Play in the Early Years

Play in the Early Years

2nd edition

Marilyn Fleer, Monash University, Victoria
The second edition of Play in the Early Years provides a comprehensive introduction to pedagogy and play in early years education settings. Drawing on classical and contemporary theories, this text examines social, cultural and institutional approaches to play, and explores a range of strategies for successfully integrating play into classrooms. Thoroughly revised to include the latest methods and research, this edition features new material on intentional teaching, play as learning, digital play, and discipline-specific content. Two new chapters discuss post-structuralist…
pp i-iv
pp v-viii
Chapter 1 - What is play?
pp 1-26
Chapter 2 - Children's perspectives on play
pp 27-47
Chapter 3 - Families at play
pp 48-62
Chapter 4 - Digital play and digital tools to support learning
pp 63-91
Chapter 5 - Playing in schools
pp 92-110
Chapter 6 - Lenses on play: Classical and developmental theories of play
pp 111-124
Chapter 7 - Lenses on play: Post-structuralist analyses of children's play
pp 125-143
Chapter 8 - Lenses on play: Cultural-historical conceptions of play
pp 144-180
Chapter 9 - Play in the curriculum
pp 181-206
Chapter 10 - Planning for play development
pp 207-234
Chapter 11 - Assessment through, of and for play
pp 235-257
Chapter 12 - Being a play activist
pp 258-270
pp 271-276
Play in the Early Years
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Online ISBN: 9781316841341
Published online: 21 June 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9781316631898
Paperback publication date: 25 May 2017