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At Cambridge University Press, we support teachers and students in schools around the globe, inspiring a lifetime of learning and achievement. As a world-leading international education publisher, we provide high-quality resources and services for teachers and learners aged 3-19, in over 160 countries.

For us, academic rigour, innovative thinking and leading edge practices are crucial aspects of delivering the excellent, fully rounded education that the 21st-century learner demands. In an ever-changing global educational environment, we aim to inspire and lead the way in educational excellence. To help us achieve this aim, we work with a range of knowledgeable and engaging authors with extensive subject expertise and a thorough understanding of curriculum developments.

We publish a wide range of market-leading teaching, learning and assessment resources that support the study of local curricula in Australia, India, South Africa and the UK (Cambridge branch). The Cambridge branch also publish resources for international schools following Cambridge International Examinations and International Baccalaureate programmes.

We are proud to share the gold standard tradition and contemporary relevance of the University of Cambridge. We ensure all of our print and digital publishing advances the Cambridge standards – encouraging and supporting critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

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Australia and New Zealand Branch

Cambridge University Press is one of Australia's premier publishers of educational resources, for primary and secondary teachers and students. We are committed to the future of education in Australia and strive to publish exceptional resources that reflect specific syllabus requirements, broader curriculum developments and incorporate educational change and technological innovation.

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Cambridge Branch

Brighter Thinking drives our approach. Every day we talk to teachers and leading educational thinkers in Cambridge and around the world about how to make teaching and learning better. We share teachers’ ambitions to prepare students for success in life, both academically and personally.

This rich insight and our common goal informs the development of every new educational resource we publish. It makes Better Learning possible, enabling students to accelerate their learning and develop skills for life. Find out more about us here.

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India Branch

Cambridge University Press in India provides educational and academic materials to millions of learners in India and South Asia, and our focus is on the development of affordable and high-quality educational products.

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South Africa Branch

The African Branch of Cambridge University Press, based in Cape Town, is responsible for all countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to its marketing responsibilities, the Branch is pursuing a wide range of publishing activities in East, West, Central and Southern Africa, the main thrust of which is aimed at the school market.

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