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> Global Politics in the 21st Century

Global Politics in the 21st Century

Robert J. Jackson, University of Redlands, California
Objective, critical, optimistic, and with a global focus, this textbook combines international relations theory, history, up-to-date research, and current affairs to give students a comprehensive, unbiased understanding of international politics. It integrates theory and traditional approaches with globalization and research on such topics as terrorism, new economic superpowers, and global communications and social networking to offer unusual breadth and depth for an undergraduate course. The text is enhanced by box features and 'Close Up' sections with context and further information;…
pp i-vi
Brief contents
pp vii-viii
pp ix-xiv
pp xv-xviii
pp xix-xxii
Part I - Foundations of global politics
pp 1-2
Chapter 1 - Introduction to global politics
pp 3-19
Chapter 2 - Global history
pp 20-55
Chapter 3 - Competing theories, methods, and intellectual debates about global politics
pp 56-86
Part II - Institutions and actors in global politics
pp 87-88
Chapter 4 - Modern states: Power, leaders, and decisions in global politics
pp 89-121
Chapter 5 - The global system
pp 122-152
Chapter 6 - Global governance in transition
pp 153-187
Chapter 7 - Politics beyond the state I
pp 188-210
Chapter 8 - Politics beyond the state II
pp 211-244
Part III - Global conflict and war
pp 245-246
Chapter 9 - War
pp 247-282
Chapter 10 - Civil wars, insurgencies, and counterinsurgencies
pp 283-328
Chapter 11 - Terrorism and counterterrorism
pp 329-364
Part IV - The politics of global economics
pp 365-366
Chapter 12 - Global economics and governance
pp 367-408
Chapter 13 - Global inequality
pp 409-438
Part V - Global challenges and prospects
pp 439-440
Chapter 14 - Human rights
pp 441-469
Chapter 15 - Global threats
pp 470-509
Chapter 16 - Crises and ethics in global politics
pp 510-526
pp 527-546
pp 547-559
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Online ISBN: 9781139015660
Published online: 01 February 2019
Hardback ISBN: 9780521767453
Hardback publication date: 28 November 2013
Paperback ISBN: 9780521756532
Paperback publication date: 28 November 2013