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> Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood

Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood

Robyn Ewing, University of Sydney, Jon Callow, University of Sydney, Kathleen Rushton, University of Sydney
This book provides pre-service and practising teachers with an integrated approach to language and literacy learning in early childhood. Written by leading academics in the field, it explores how children learn to talk, play using language, become literate and make meaning - from birth through to the pre-school years. Emphasising the importance of imagination and the arts in language learning, this book addresses a wide range of contemporary issues, highlights the impact of diverse socioeconomic, language and cultural backgrounds on…
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Chapter 1 - Introduction: The importance of language in our lives
pp 1-4
Chapter 2 - Learning how to mean: Dimensions of early language development
pp 5-20
Chapter 3 - Playing with language: Imaginative play, language development and technology
pp 21-40
Chapter 4 - Talking to learn: Listening to young children's language
pp 41-59
Chapter 5 - Difference and diversity in language and literacy development
pp 60-75
Chapter 6 - Aboriginal perspectives in the early childhood literacy classroom
pp 76-94
Chapter 7 - Reading with children: Quality literature and language development
pp 95-110
Chapter 8 - Supporting the emergent reader
pp 111-133
Chapter 9 - Storying and the emergent storyteller and writer
pp 134-146
Chapter 10 - Making meaning with image and text in picture books
pp 147-168
Chapter 11 - Digital literacies in the lives of young children
pp 169-184
Chapter 12 - Language and literacy assessment in early childhood contexts and classrooms
pp 185-204
pp 205-210
Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood
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Online ISBN: 9781316442791
Published online: 17 August 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781107578623
Paperback publication date: 16 June 2016