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> Principles of Engineering Economics with Applications

Principles of Engineering Economics with Applications

2nd edition

Zahid A. Khan, JMI, New Delhi, Arshad N. Siddiquee, JMI, New Delhi, Brajesh Kumar, NIFM, Faridabad, India, Mustufa H. Abidi, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Covering detailed discussion of fundamental concepts of economics, the textbook commences with comprehensive explanation of theory of consumer behavior, utility maximization and optimal choice, profit function, cost minimization and cost function. The textbook covers methods including present worth method, future worth method, annual worth method, internal rate of return method, explicit re-investment rate of return method and payout method useful for studying economic studies. A chapter on value engineering discusses important topics such as function analysis systems techniques, the value…
pp i-iv
pp v-vi
pp vii-xiv
pp xv-xviii
By Najeeb Jung, Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia
pp xix-xx
pp xxi-xxii
1 - Engineering Economics: A Prologue
pp 1-44
2 - Fundamentals of Mathematics and Engineering Economics
pp 45-82
3 - Elementary Economic Analysis
pp 83-122
4 - Interest Formulae and their Applications
pp 123-184
5 - Methods for Making Economy Studies
pp 185-211
6 - Selection among Alternatives
pp 212-240
7 - Replacement and Retention Decisions
pp 241-253
8 - Depreciation
pp 254-265
9 - Economic Evaluation of Public Sector Projects
pp 266-275
10 - Economics Study Considering Inflation
pp 276-285
11 - Make or Buy Decision
pp 286-296
12 - Project Management
pp 297-374
13 - Value Engineering
pp 375-387
14 - Forecasting
pp 388-421
15 - Cost Estimation
pp 422-438
16 - Decision Making
pp 439-456
Appendix A
pp 457-504
Appendix B
pp 505-507
Appendix C
pp 508-510
pp 511-513
pp 514-520
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Online ISBN: 9781108644556
Published online: 12 December 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9781108458856
Paperback publication date: 18 October 2018