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> Socio-Economic Development

Socio-Economic Development


Adam Szirmai, Universiteit Maastricht, Netherlands


Why are poor countries poor and rich countries rich? How are wealth and poverty related to changes in health, life expectancy, education, population growth and politics? This non-technical introduction to development studies explores the dynamics of socio-economic development and stagnation in developing countries. Thoroughly updated and revised, this second edition includes new material on the effects of the 2008 financial crisis, the emergence of the BRICS economies, the role of institutions in development and the accelerated growth of economies in…

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Key features

  • Introductory figures in each chapter outline the proximate, intermediate and ultimate sources of growth that are discussed in the chapter
  • Draws on a wide range of disciplines, including economics, history, sociology, anthropology, demography and political science
  • Easily accessible to students with no prior knowledge of the field, and helpful for more advanced students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in ongoing theoretical and empirical debates on development

About the book

  • DOI
  • Subjects Economic Development and Growth,Economics
  • Format: Hardback
    • Publication date: 06 August 2015
    • ISBN: 9781107045958
    • Dimensions (mm): 246 x 189 mm
    • Weight: 1.83kg
    • Contains: 24 b/w illus. 77 tables
    • Page extent: 791 pages
    • Availability: Manufactured on demand: supplied direct from the printer
  • Format: Paperback
    • Publication date: 10 August 2015
    • ISBN: 9781107624498
    • Dimensions (mm): 246 x 189 mm
    • Weight: 1.61kg
    • Contains: 24 b/w illus. 77 tables
    • Page extent: 794 pages
    • Availability: Manufactured on demand: supplied direct from the printer
  • Format: Digital
    • Publication date: 12 September 2018
    • ISBN: 9781107054158

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