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Ben Goldstein

Ben Goldstein

I have published a number of titles for Cambridge University Press. My first book was an advanced level English language coursebook called English Unlimited. I was immediately struck by the editorial rigour and expertise throughout the writing process.

I later went on to write two methodological handbooks for teachers called Working with Images and Language Learning with Digital Video (with Paul Driver). These are more academic titles, but once again the editorial support was excellent and comprehensive. The latter title won the English Speaking Union award in 2016 in the Resources for Teachers category.

My latest venture has been co-authoring a four-level secondary coursebook series with Ceri Jones. The global reach of Cambridge meant that the book was published in three different editions – it was called Eyes Open for the British English market, Uncover for the American and Smart Planet for the Spanish.

This proved to me that Cambridge was a truly international publisher. I have also realized this by promoting this series in so many different countries – from Taiwan to Turkey and from Brazil to Britain. I have enjoyed working with the sales and marketing teams in these countries, as much as I have done with the editorial departments.

My overall experience of working with Cambridge has been stimulating and fulfilling and I would recommend them wholeheartedly to other authors