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Katia & Tim Carter

Katia & Tim Carter

After working as Examiners for CIE (Cambridge International Exams) and teaching second language learners for many years, we felt a strong desire to put all of our experience into our first book published by Cambridge University Press – IGCSE Core English as a second language.

We wanted to create a student-centred course book that encouraged learners to take an active role in their learning. To support learners’ skills development we also made sure that extensive language support, for both grammar and vocabulary, was featured throughout the title. We were delighted that the team at Cambridge University Press fully supported our vision and provided such valuable guidance throughout the entire process.

It was great news for us when Cambridge University Press decided to put their trust in us a second time, when we were approached to work on a new title: Cambridge IGCSE English as a 2nd Language Exam Preparation and Practice. This title is targeted at helping both Core and Extended IGCSE English as a 2nd Language learners prepare for, and maximise their potential, in all parts of the IGCSE English as a 2nd language exam.

The Cambridge University Press team always kept us fully involved at every stage of the editing process. Also, they proved very flexible and willing to set the schedule to accommodate our own professional responsibilities as teachers and examiners.

Apart from the support of publishing professionals with a depth of experience, another benefit is that the Cambridge University Press brand is firmly established and internationally recognised. We feel confident that this association with a prestigious brand will mean that our titles will gain the widest possible exposure.

Overall, it has been a hugely positive experience – and for all of the reasons mentioned above we would strongly recommend that potential writers consider working with Cambridge University Press